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ADC Test Data Evaluation Program for Matlab

Nemzetközi (egyéb) project
1999 -

Local supervisor: Kollár István
Official project supervisor: BME MIT

The approval of the IEEE-STD-1241(2001) standard (A/D converters testing) means that all users and manufacturers of analog-to-digital converters should use the terminology and test methods described in the standard.

However it is not an easy task to leave an already developed, tested and used environment for a new one. To inspire the users to use the standard, a program has been developed, which realizes most of the described algorithms.

The program is also a testbed of new ideas, because it is very easy to extend the existing code with new algorithms and to compare the results to the standard using the same input and the same precision.

The program has been written in MATLAB, and for easy of usage it provides a graphical user interface. It is also flexible enough to support different input/output file formats.


  • LLNL - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA, USA

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