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Optimization and testing of Delta-Sigma A/D Converter Structures

Doktori project
2001 - 2005

Local supervisor: Kollár István
Local contact person: Márkus János
Official project supervisor: BME MIT

Delta-sigma digital-to-analog converters have been widely used in audio technology for the last three decades (e.g. in digital recorders, sound cards for PCs, etc.)

This project aims to develop, simulate and possibly manufacture Delta-Sigma converters to be used in metrological or sensor applications, and describe the transient operation of these converters. Another goal is to give methods on the testing of high-precision delta-sigma converters.


  • Optimization of the noise transfer function (NTF) in Delta-Sigma modulators with small oversampling ratio and wide bandwidth
  • Resolution enhancement of first-order incremental Delta-Sigma converters by injecting dither
  • Theory and applications of higher-order incremental Delta-Sigma converters
  • Digital filters for higher-order incremental Delta-Sigma converters


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