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Dictionary on Skills and Competencies

EU Kutatási Keretprogram project
2004 - 2008

Local supervisor: Mészáros Tamás
Official project supervisor: 3s Unternehmensberatung (AT)

Development of a translation tool for skills and competencies to facilitate the use of European transparency tools like e.g. Europass CV, Europass Certificate Supplement, Europass Diploma Supplement and Europass Mobility.

3s Unternehmensberatung (AT) BETA/Cereq Alsace - University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg, The European Pole (FR) Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (DE) BW-Bildung und Wissen Verlag und Software GmbH (DE) European Universities Continuing Education Network (EUCEN) (BE) Národni ústav odborného vzdelávání (CZ) TANINFO Co (HU) Vytautas Magnus University / Center for Vocational Education and Research (LT)

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