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Digital Rights Management of Mobile Applications

FKFP project
2003 - 2004

Local supervisor: Tóth Gergely
Official project supervisor: Tóth Gergely

Aim of the project is to develop a set of optimal — service-price dependent — mobile payment solutions. With these payment modules creators of digital content can enforce the users to pay for their services and can optimally protect intellectual property rights of their products without the need of creating their own technology for the same functionality. This way content-providers can spare to develop a proprietary solution for themselves. Our solution tries to fill the gap between the pricing of current GSM services (SMS with increased cost, registration fees) and the higher secondary cost implying bank transactions by offering the full palette in this range. Aim is to develop mobile payment scenarios that can easily be capitalized in the practice and that are critical for the business success and viability of middle-cost (some ten euros) products.


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