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Framework for the Development of Dependable and Safety-Critical Systems

IKTA project
2001 - 2003

Local supervisor: Pataricza András
Official project supervisor: BME MIT Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group

The purpose of the project is to develop an open methodology and framework for model analysis, which contributes to the increase of the quality of software for safety-critical embedded systems.
The Unified Modeling Language (UML), the most widely used standard visual design language of object-oriented systems, becomes more and more popular in embedded system design. The visual programming followed by automatic code generation eliminates some basic design mistakes; however, it can not assure semantic correctness of the design and also cannot guarantee that the system fulfils its specification in the presence of component faults.
The project aims at the extension of the UML-based design process by model analysis techniques and tools. Three areas of analysis are distinguished. First, the completeness and consistency of the UML dynamic specification is examined. Second, the behavioral correctness of the system is proved by examining the effects of faults occurring in the system and in its environment. Additionally, the testability of the faults under consideration is examined. Third, the correctness of the control flow is verified.
The expected results of the project include, first of all, the prototype model transformation and the specific analysis tools: completeness and consistency checker, fault propagation and testability analyzer, and control flow verifier. Additionally, a design decision database is constructed that supports the designer in accessing and documenting the analysis result. These tools are completed by educational materials, which can be used when the application of the developed techniques is introduced in a company.


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