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Home health monitoring

OTKA project
2002 - 2004

Local supervisor: Jobbágy Ákos
Official project supervisor: BME MIT

One effective way of decreasing health related expenses is the continuous monitoring of important physiological parameters. This makes possible to start - the relatively cheap - treatment in the early stage of many diseases. Senior persons often live alone. In this case home health monitoring helps to provide medical aid when needed.
The appropriate technology is not available for home health monitoring. The most important physiological parameters (ECG, breathing, blood pressure) almost continuous monitoring should be accomplished with minimal inconvenience. The solutions presently used for measuring these parameters are not appropriate for long term monitoring. Usually the actual parameter values are not important, it is enough to monitor the changes.
The aim of the research work is to develop methods for long-term monitoring of ECG and changes in breathing and blood pressure causing minimal inconvenience for the tested persons. Our preliminary studies show that the sensors applicable for long term monitoring have unfavourable signal/noise ratio. The development of the necessary methods requires the high level knowledge of modern measurement technique and also its extension to signals of biological origin. The development of the appropriate methods will aid the development of different devices for long term monitoring.


  • Halász Gábor professzor, BME Hidrodinamikai Rendszerek Tsz.

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