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Application of info-communication technologies in intelligent sensors

IKTA project
2001 - 2002

Local supervisor: Tóth Csaba
Official project supervisor: BME MIT

The aim of the project
The aim of the project is to connect intelligent sensors and actuators to Ethernet/internet (TCP/IP over Ethernet) networks.

  • Communication system requirements of intelligent sensors and actuators in industrial environments
  • The hardware and software architecture of the intelligent sensors, and available components
  • Investigation of the applicability of the IEEE 1451 standard
  • COTS (commercial off the shelf) software components (real-time operating systems, TCP/IP protocol stacks, etc.), their availability and their resource requirements
  • Possible LAN architectures, topologies, the practical aspects of LAN deployment
  • Measurement methodologies for TCP/IP over Ethernet networks
  • Investigation of the real-time performance of TCP/IP over Ethernet


  • VERTESZ Kft.

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