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A book on quantization noise
   other international projekt   1993 -
   Project leader: Kollár István

ADC Test Data Evaluation Program for Matlab
   other international projekt   1999 -
   Project leader: Kollár István

Advisory system for medical diagnosis using images
   Hungarian/IKTA projekt   2002 - 2004
   Project leader: Horváth Gábor

AMBER - Assessing, Measuring, and Benchmarking Resilience
   EU Framework Programme projekt   2008 - 2009
   Project leader: Majzik István

Application of info-communication technologies in intelligent sensors
   Hungarian/IKTA projekt   2001 - 2002
   Project leader: Tóth Csaba

Balancing MITMÓT robot
   student projekt   2007 - 2009
   Project leader: Dabóczi Tamás

Bioinformatic services using grid computation
   Hungarian/NKFP projekt   2008 - 2012
   Project leader: Antal Péter

Dependability and Security by Enhanced Reconfigurability (DESEREC)
   EU Framework Programme projekt   2006 - 2008
   Project leader: Pataricza András

Development of hybrid intelligent framework
   Hungarian/FKFP projekt   2001 - 2004
   Project leader: Strausz György

Digital Rights Management of Mobile Applications
   Hungarian/FKFP projekt   2003 - 2004
   Project leader: Tóth Gergely

Distributed, Equipment Independent Environment for Advanced avioNic Applications
   EU Framework Programme projekt   2006 - 2009
   Project leader: Varró Dániel   Contact: Varró Dániel

Frequency Domain System Identification Toolbox for MATLAB
   other international projekt   1995 -
   Project leader: Kollár István

High performance computing for drug research
   Hungarian/other projekt   2008 - 2010
   Project leader: Fehér Béla

Infomation Security Educating E-Learning Portal
   Hungarian/HIF projekt   2003 -
   Project leader: Endrődi Csilla

LOGSYS Educational Tools
   internal projekt   
   Project leader: Fehér Béla

Model-based Digital Signal Processing
   Hungarian/OTKA projekt   2005 - 2007
   Project leader: Kollár István

MOGENTES - Model-based Generation of Tests for Dependable Embedded Systems
   EU Framework Programme projekt   2008 - 2010
   Project leader: Majzik István

MSZ EN 50128 based assessment of railway control software
   Hungarian/industrial projekt   2003 -
   Project leader: Majzik István

Objective assessment of movement disorders
   Hungarian/OTKA projekt   2005 - 2008
   Project leader: Jobbágy Ákos   Contact: Jobbágy Ákos

Open Trusted Computing
   EU Framework Programme projekt   2005 - 2009
   Project leader: Hornák Zoltán

Reliable modell parameter estimation algorithms for identification systems
   Hungarian/OTKA projekt   2000 - 2002
   Project leader: Simon Gyula

Research and Implementation of Anonymity Techniques
   phd projekt   
   Project leader: Tóth Gergely

RESIST - Resilience for Survivability in IST
   EU Framework Programme projekt   2006 - 2008
   Project leader: Pataricza András   Contact: Majzik István

SAFEDMI - Safe Driver Machine Interface (DMI) for ERTMS Automatic Train Control
   EU Framework Programme projekt   2006 - 2008
   Project leader: Majzik István

Sensoria Summer School 2009
   internal projekt   2009 - 2009
   Project leader: Dr. Varró Dániel   Contact: Bergmann Gábor

Signal processing architectures for SoC ICs
   Hungarian/OTKA projekt   2002 - 2005
   Project leader: Kolumbán Géza

System modelling using measurement data, a hybrid-neural approach
   Hungarian/OTKA projekt   2004 - 2008
   Project leader: Horváth Gábor

Training Courses
   internal projekt   
   Project leader: Tóth Csaba