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Logic Based Management of Ontologies

IKTA project
2003 - 2004

Local supervisor: Dobrowiecki Tadeusz
Official project supervisor: IQSoft Rt

The proposed project aims at developing a logic-based ontology management tool, based on the decade long national research activities and the results of successful European research projects of the participants. The targeted LOBO (LOgic-Based management of Ontologies ) workbench is a domain independent tool for managing ontologies. However, the LOBO pilot application in the biomedical domain is an extremely important part of the project, as well. Today, biomedicine is one of the largest supplier and user of ontologies. Most of the experiences to be gained, as well as the solutions to be created in this domain are expected to be easily transported into other domains.


  • IQSOFT Intelligent Software Rt.
  • Semmelweis Egyetem, III. sz. Sebészeti Klinika

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