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MOGENTES - Model-based Generation of Tests for Dependable Embedded Systems

EU Kutatási Keretprogram project
2008 - 2010

Local supervisor: Majzik István
Official project supervisor: Austrian Research Centers

The MOGENTES - Model Driven Development of Tests for Embedded Systems project aims at significantly enhancing testing and verification of dependable embedded systems by means of automated generation of test-cases. It will address both testing of non-functional issues like reliability (by system stress and overload tests), and functional safety.

Austrian Research Centers GmbH Budapest University of Technology and Economics Ford Forschungszentrum Aachen GmbH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Graz University of Technology Prolan Irányítástechnikai ZRT Prover Technology AB SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden Thales Rail Signalling Solutions GmbH ReLab S.R.L.

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