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Objective assessment of movement disorders

OTKA project
2005 - 2008

Local supervisor: Jobbágy Ákos
Local contact person: Jobbágy Ákos
Official project supervisor: Jobbágy Ákos

Early diagnosis greatly helps the effective treatment of Parkinson''''''''''''''''s disease and similar neurodegenerative diseases. The assessment of the actual state makes possible optimal medication. Objective assessment of the actual state of stroke patients helps rehabilitation. Through the measurement of the movement coordination of patients with neural diseases their actual state can objectively be quantified. At Dept. Measurement and Information Systems we have been applying marker-based movement analysis since 1991. The research work can be broken down to the following sub-tasks. 1. Definition of a model to characterise human movement coordination for arm- hand- and finger movements. 2. Definition of movement patterns for the assessment of movement coordination. 3. Measurement of hand tremor. 4. Development of evaluation algorithms for the recorded movements. 5. Specification and development of a measurement device applicable for movement analysis in clinical applications.

Szent Imre Kórház Szent János Kórház Semmelweis Egyetem Testnevelési és Sporttudományi Kar

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