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On-line Disaster Recovery Management of Distributed Databases

IKTA project
2002 - 2004

Local supervisor: Hornák Zoltán
Official project supervisor: BME MIT

Big organizations are very dependent from their complex IT systems, hence incidental data loss or database inconsistency caused by stop of their systems, may cause significant financial damage to them, that may compromise their financial stability, but in extreme circumstances can affect the whole national economy.
Our experience is that Hungarian organizations aren't prepared for disaster recovery, since they usually don't have any disaster recovery plan or proper data backups. Every company must face the risk, that sooner or later serious errors or disaster will occur that affects their computer system or databases.
Depending on the experiences of some already created disaster recovery plans, usually the specified prevention tasks are not carried out properly (they are not enforced), and maintenance tasks are also neglected due to lack of any supporting tools.
We wish to develop and test a system framework that:

  • enhances creation of disaster recovery plans,
  • controls the prevention tasks, which can also be automated,
  • warns upon the required tasks that need human interactions,
  • registers the tasks already be done,
  • creates central statistics,
  • monitors the transactions, and centrally controls safety backups accordingly,
  • traces the infrastructure and requirement changes, and automatically alters the disaster recovery plan accordingly,
  • prints, and exports the plans to a mobile workstation in a handleable format.
Resulting system can solve disaster recovery planning and maintenance problems at small and big enterprises.


  • Insurance Technology Kft.

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