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Development of robust object-oriented systems

FKFP project
2001 - 2003

Local supervisor: Majzik István
Official project supervisor: BME MIT, Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group

Many computer-based services in our everyday life are implemented by distributed systems. The failure of these systems, especially in the area of electronic banking, e-commerce, health-care, and process control, may lead to loss of profit or even serious property damage. Some of these systems are implemented by using object-oriented (OO) software technology. The need for dependable OO distributed systems has lead to the development of middlewares (e.g. the Fault Tolerant CORBA of the Object Management Group) and commercial components that offer robust support for applications. These middlewares provide well-defined interfaces and mechanisms to be able to deploy and manage redundant server objects in order to avoid single points of failure in the application. However, the complexity of the standards and the lack of mechanized dependability and performability analysis are obstacles to the widespread use of these middlewares. The designer needs support to construct optimal application-controlled fault tolerance strategies and to select the parameters of the fault tolerant infrastructure (e.g. the number of replica objects and redundant servers, the replication style).
The project aims at the development of algorithms and techniques that support the automated dependability and performability analysis of robust object-oriented distributed systems. These analyses allow the comparison of alternative solutions, the estimation of the effects of selected parameters and the identification of dependability bottlenecks.

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