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Proposals for papers will be considered on the basis of originality and quality. Submissions from universities as well as from industry are encouraged.

Prospective authors are invited to propose papers in the scope of the conference. To submit a proposal, prepare the paper including figures and references (six-page limit), send three copies together with the cover sheet stating the paper title, contact author's name, address, telephone and fax number, and electronic mail address to the Secretariat or directly to the Chairman of the Technical Program Committee. Deadline of submission: 15th February, 1997. Authors will be notified about the acceptance/or rejection of their paper not later than 15th May, 1997. Camera-ready manuscripts of the accepted papers are due 30th June, 1997. Each accepted paper (six-page limit) will be published in the Proceedings of ECCTD'97.

New ideas in an exploratory phase and interesting experiments would be presented in Poster Sessions published in the Proceedings.

Table of contents:
Best Paper Award
Paper contest for young scientists
Addresses and inaugural lectures
Special Tutorial and Design Automation Session
Special sessions

Best Paper Award

The European Circuit Society will grant an award to the author of the best paper presented at ECCTD'97.

Paper contest for young scientists

A paper contest for young scientists under the age of 28 years will be held.

Addresses and inaugural lectures by:

J.O. Scanlan - Honorary President, ECS
J. Choma - President, IEEE CAS Society
A. Konczykowska - President, ECS
L.O. Chua - UC Berkeley


R.K. Rao, Multimedia Mobile Audio-visual Communications Services.

Special Tutorial and Design Automation Session:

Image supercomputing and communication via CNN Technology.

Special sessions

Nonlinear Analysis tools for practical circuits and systems
(M. Ogorzalek)

Analog VLSI design techniques
(A. Rodriguez-Vazquez)

Spread spectrum communications and chaos
(M.P. Kennedy and G. Kolumban)

Analog integrated circuits and systems for industrial applications
(A. Baschirotto)

Analog signal processing using bit stream techniques
(A.C. Davies and W. Sandler)

Effective design methods for digital filters and transforms
(M. Ansorge and T. Henk )

Toward Nanoelectronics
(W. Porod)

Additional special session proposals are under considerations.


Several demo corners are already proposed, other proposals are welcome.


Space will be available for exhibits related to the conference topics. Further details, please, contact the Secretariat.


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