1999 IEEE International Workshop on
Emerging Technologies:

Global Computer Systems serving Measurements -
Measurements serving Global Computer Systems

Ramada Hotel, Venice, Italy - 20 May 1999

Sponsored by:

IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society (pending)

Organized by:

Technical Committee on Emerging Technologies TC-6
Technical Committee on Signals and Systems in Measurement TC-7

Measurement technology, in general, provides tools and methods to collect and process information produced by interactions of systems of our real-life environment. Global computer systems are interacting engineering products providing various complex and very often mission-critical services. All these systems consist of cooperating computing devices having interfaces to the real world, i.e., they are "embedded" into an application environment.

Measurement technology is inherent in embedded systems: the actual states or the changes of the surrounding environment are to be detected and evaluated regularly, and as a result some modifications or interactions might be performed. The typical measurement actions, however, are accomplished on the objects of the hosting environment and not on the embedded computing components. For several engineering reasons the global characterization of recent computer based systems should incorporate measurement information about the embedded components, as well. Recent advances of this field intensively stimulate the reconsideration and adaptation of possible methods for solving the measurement problems in computer based systems.

EmTech'99 is directed to discuss the most recent developments and the on-going research related to measurements supported by computer based systems, as well as to measurements in computer based systems. The single-track workshop will follow the positive experience gained in previous editions (ETIM96, held in Como, Italy, in June 1996; ETVSIM97, held in Niagara Falls, Canada, in May 1997; ETIMVIS'98, held in St.Paul, MN, USA, in May 1998).

All contributions will be briefly introduced by the presenting author leaving all details to the paper published in the proceedings. A very long plenary discussion will follow not only about the specific approaches and results presented by the authors, but also about the underlying methodologies, the experimental and theoretical approaches, the afforded problems, the unsolved questions, the critical aspects, the lessons learnt from the practice, the specific and general interests of the attendees, and the extensions and the applicability to other cases envisioned by the attendees.

Papers are solicited on all information engineering aspects related to computer based measurement systems. Attention will be focused on, but not limited to: distributed measurement systems based on global computer networks; embedded systems; agent technology and measurement systems; distributed diagnostic systems: architecture and design methodology; tool integration for better performance; performance modeling; performance measurements.


Prospective authors should submit an extended abstract (about 3 pages) or a draft of the paper, including the summary of the accomplishments, the significance of the contribution, and a list of references. Submission should include the author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s); the contact author should be identified by providing his/her mail address, telephone and fax numbers, and email address.

Paper submission:

Please submit abstracts or draft papers electronically, by courier or fax, to Prof. Gabor Peceli, by December 30, 1998.

Electronic submission is strongly encouraged: non-encapsulated postscript files can be sent by ftp or email. For email submission (emtech99@mit.bme.hu), the postscript file may be sent as an attachment, possibly MIME encoded.

For ftp submission, please name the postscript file with the last name of the contact author, connect to ftp.mit.bme.hu as anonymous user providing your email address as password, switch to the directory /incoming/emtech99, transfer the postscript file, and notify Prof. Peceli by email. Alternatively, if you are using a Web browser for the file transfer, you can connect to the URL ftp://ftp.mit.bme.hu/incoming/emtech99/.

For long files (> 600 kBytes), ftp submission should be preferred and file should be compressed before being transferred; compression can be performed by using compress, pkzip, or winzip: transferring the compressed files must be performed by using ftp in binary mode.

Please do not send Word or Latex files.
Submission implies willingness to register at the workshop and present the contribution.

Dates and Deadlines:

Abstracts or draft papers are due by December 30, 1998.
Authors will be notified about acceptance or rejection by January 31, 1999.
The final version of the paper is due by March 1, 1999.

General Chair

Dr.Stephen F. Adam
Adam Microwave Consulting, Inc.
1413 Brookmill Road
Los Altos, California, USA
email: amci@adam-microwave.com

Technical Program Chair

Prof. Gábor Péceli
Department of Measurement and Information Systems
Technical University of Budapest
Muegyetem rkp. 9.
H-1521 Budapest, Hungary
phone: +36-1-463-2057
fax: +36-1-463-4112
email: peceli@mit.bme.hu