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May 21-23, 2001 (Monday-Wednesday)
Budapest, Hungary
Budapest Convention Centre

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Information for Speakers of Papers

Parallel sessions last 80 minutes, that is, each paper has a gross time of 20 minutes. 15 minutes are for presentation, 5 minutes for preparations, questions, and discussion. Chairmen will strictly stick to the starting times, so that interested people will be able to switch between sessions.

The standard equipment in each room:

  • overhead projector
  • computer projector
IF REQUESTED (email to:, AND PROMISED by the organizers, dia slide projectors can also be used.

The computer projector can only be used with your own laptop. Standard VGA connectors are available. The resolution is typically 800x600, but in emergency cases only 640x480 resolution may only be available. Please check beforehand how can this resolution be set on your laptop (Control panel / Display / Settings / Screen area).

Please also learn beforehand how to activate the VGA output port on your laptop computer. Each type has another procedure for this.

Although the organizers do their best to provide seamless service with the computer display projectors, it is not 100% sure that Murphy's law can be put out of power. A conservative solution is to bring also a (maybe simplified) set of overhead slides with you - if anything goes wrong, these can always be used.

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