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May 21-23, 2001 (Monday-Wednesday)
Budapest, Hungary
Budapest Convention Centre

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Last-Minute Information

Registration desk

Opening hours of the registration desk:

  • Sunday: 3 pm - 7pm
  • Monday, Tuesday: 7 am - 5 pm
  • Wednesday: 8 am - noon

Internet Access

This year IMTC will provide a free emailing capability. Ten computers will be available to check your emails, and to send short messages. Since about 400 participants are foreseen, and we share a common communication line with limited bandwidth, there may be long queues - please minimize your emailing time when other colleagues are waiting for the computers, and do not try to download large files at any time using the browser (= browsing of pages with much graphics). The IMTC/2001 WEB pages will be available locally on each machine.

The computers will have Telnet and Secure Telnet (ssh), and a WEB browser, so you can connect to your home server and remotely read your messages and send new ones. These will also allow sending emails without remote login (at least when no email response is expected, since the response address in the emails is not a personal one).

This facility is meant for making your contacting home easier - other "regular" computer service possibilities (e. g. floppy read/write, etc.) will be switched off, to minimize the danger of viruses and to avoid unwanted lengthy use.

For users of email providers (e. g. America Online, or Hotmail, or Compuserve), there is another possibility available. If you have your laptop with you, you can use local phone call from your room to an Internet provider in Budapest. Before leaving for Budapest, please check in your laptop computer

  • if the selection of Budapest, Hungary as a location will select a reasonable phone number (7 digits),
  • the information concerning Budapest on the WEB page on your provider, and
  • the additional costs (if any).

For the connection, you certainly need to run your laptop computer (for power connection, see the Budapest page), have a modem, and have a standard phone connector with cable (type RJ-11).

RJ-11 plug

It also makes sense to bring a "microsaver" with you, so that you can lock your computer to its place when you are not there.

The organizers cannot undertake any responsibility for theft, or for having problems with the Internet access.

However, for some providers, the web addresses are given here (we have no preference, please), along with two phone numbers which might be of use for you. (the country and area codes for Budapest are: +36 1 if you want to experiment beforehand from abroad).

Some Budapest phone numbers:
  • General Internet provider (CSGlobalnet): 429-8235
  • Compuserve: 291-9999

These phone numbers respond to us with the well-known modem sound... but we cannot login since we are not users.

If you find out any more information, please email it to, and we will add it to this page.

Informative WEB links

We apologize for the non-English contents of certain pages. Better these than none ...

Currency rates
Hungarian phone numbers
Train schedules
Budapest Airport

Hotel room equipment

All hotels (except the small Bara hotel) have hairdryers in the rooms, and iron is also available somewhere in the house.

Phoning from/to Hungary

In Hungary, the following calling sequences are used:

  • From public phones, the digits 00 are used to access an international line. E.g. the number of Bob Myers, given as +1 310 446-8280, can be called as: 00 1 310 446 8280.
  • Public phones mostly work with phone cards (telefonkártya in Hungarian...), some with coins (10, 20, 50 100 HUF coins).
  • Hotel rooms have a special procedure, see the guide in the rooms.
  • For numbers in towns outside Budapest, the calling sequence starts with 06, then the area code and the number are dialed.
  • Phone numbers within Budapest have 7 digits. E.g. Bob Myers' number at the conference is ??? Be aware that in the past years, many numbers have been changed. Numbers you may still remember, starting with digit 1, were all modified, and now they start with digit 3 or 4.
  • The information service on phone numbers in Hungary has the (local) phone number 198. Information on international phone numbers can be obtained at #199.
  • The country code of Hungary is 36, the area code of Budapest is 1.
  • Mobile phones have different "area codes", like 20, 30 etc. Therefore, the mobile phone number (20)123-4567 can be reached from a public phone as 06 20 123 4567.

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