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May 21-23, 2001 (Monday-Wednesday)
Budapest, Hungary
Budapest Convention Centre

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IMTC/2001 Registration and Paper Status

In the following page, the registration and paper status are shown. The search is based on the paper number, or on the last name of the registrating person.

Search by paper number

Please enter your paper number, if you have one, and press the button "Submit" to check the status of your papers and your registration. If you do not know your paper number, you can look it up in the "Abstracts received" page.

Check the status of paper IM-

Search by covering person's name

Please enter your last name (or just the beginning of it, as it was written on the registration form), and press the button "Submit" to check the status of your registration and your papers (if you have submitted one).

Check the status of registrations and papers submitted by:
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