This proceeding is a collection of the extended abstracts of the lectures of the 4th Ph.D. Mini-Symposium held at the Department of Measurement and Instrument Engineering of the Technical University of Budapest. The purpose of this Mini-Symposium is to give a platform for the Ph.D. students of our department to present a summary of their work done in the last year.

The lectures reflect the scientific field of the students, and we think that through these contributions one can get a short insight into the research and development activity of the Department as well. Traditionally this activity has been focused on measurement and instrumentation. Both theoretical and practical aspects of measurements are treated, and much emphasis is laid on the development of measuring systems, as well as on the methods for design and testing of information systems.

The papers of this proceedings are clustered into three main groups. These are: Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks, Instrumentation & Signal Processing and Fault Tolerant Systems. The lectures are at different levels: some of them present the very introductory results of a research work; the first year students have been working on their themes only for a half year, the others, the second and third year students are more experienced in their own fields.

Some of the papers reflect the scientific cooperation between the Department and some domestic research institutes, mainly the Dual and Neural Computing Systems Laboratory, Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Central Research Institute of Physics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. A lot of Ph.D. works are carried out partly within scope of cooperation between our Department and some international research institutes, namely at the TU Erlangen, Delft Univ. of Tech., TU Pisa, Vanderbilt Univ., Ecole National Supérieur de Télécomm., University of Patras. Many Ph.D. students had spent a longer research period at these universities.

We hope than similarly to the previous three years, this 4th Ph.D. Mini-Symposium also will be useful for both the speakers and the audience.

Budapest, January 10. 1997.

Dr. Endre Selényi
Chairman of the Ph.D. Mini-Symposium